Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boogie-Woogie Bishops - Sinister Underpinnings

Last week I posted about the disgraceful conduct of some bishops at World Youth Day as they mindlessly shirked all sense of their episcopal dignity and engaged in a silly dance - in their robes.  I know that some of you thought I was just being too uptight and (to use the words of one of the comments) "judgmental".  I'd like to remind one and all of a Latin phrase that is most appropriate here: "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi".  Sloppiness in liturgy and decorum often leads to sloppiness in moral conduct.  However, as I wrote that post, I didn't realize how true that was even in that situation.

The bishops on that occasion were following the direction of a Brazilian choreographer who goes by the name of "Fly" (or perhaps its Portuguese translation).  His resume is chequered to say the least.  My blogging colleague Eponymous Flower published a piece revealing that Fly has posed for several gay magazines in the nude.

Consider that the bishops probably thought it was ok to "let their hair down", as it were.  Not so.  No one is at liberty to suspend their prudence and critical thinking processes - not even for an instant.  If one stops being vigilant for just one split-second, often disaster results.  I would think that goes double for those who are our shepherds in the faith.  In this case, the shepherds allowed themselves to be sheeple - and the shepherd they followed appears to be a homophile.  They have placed themselves in the position of mindlessly doing the bidding of a probable pervert, much like the mice followed the Pied Piper to their ultimate demise.

Regarding my coined term "homophile", if Fly himself is not gay, he obviously is a supporter of that lifestyle; else he would not have been associated with their magazines.  That probably puts him in the position of formally and materially cooperating with mortally sinful homosexual behaviors.

By the way - was not Fly also leading young dancers?  Is he the sort of fellow that should be held up as any kind of leader for impressionable young people?  What were the organizers of WYD thinking when they retained Fly?  What kind of vetting (if any) went into their hiring procedures?  Did they exercise any kind of due diligence to ensure that those whom they hired were at least not flagrant violators of Catholic moral teachings?  The answer to that last question is obviously "absolutely not".

St. Joseph Cafasso and St. John Vianney, and all sainted bishops, pray for the bishops on earth and the entire Roman Catholic Church.

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