Thursday, August 1, 2013

CRS Thumbs Its Nose At Madagascar Bishops

It didn't even dawn on me until I saw this LifeSiteNews piece that there are bishops overseeing Madagascar who should have had a voice in what transpires within their dioceses.  Recall that a few days ago the news came to light that the Catholic Relief Services is distributing abortifacients in that area, and doing so in its own name.  Now I could be incorrect on this, but when a Catholic agency takes up action in a given locality, it is at least supposed to notify the local ordinary if not seek his permission.  After all, that bishop is answerable to God for the well-being of the souls in his diocese.

The local bishops' names are Archbishop Desire Tsarahazana of Toamasina and Archbishop Odon Razanakolona of Antananarivo.  They were not - repeat, NOT - consulted before CRS started distributing its baby-murder tools there.  Their Excellencies are understandably and correctly incensed that this would occur.

So much for collegiality among Catholic bishops.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops displays supreme arrogance by allowing - if not outright directing - the CRS to run roughshod over the prerogatives of local bishops, even as they protest the murder of babies within their dioceses committed with complicity of the CRS.

Once more I suggest that the USCCB be abolished.  It is a blight upon the entire Roman Catholic Church.

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