Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unless Souls Are Saved There Can Be No Peace

That is the title of an article written by Rey Flores of the American Life League.  I urge all - particularly clergy - to read and ponder.  I'd also suggest the same of those "peace and justice" types who relegate matters of faith, morality and the spiritual life to the sidelines as they sidle up to pro-aborts to advance some progressive cause.

Again, USCCB, your efforts to jam amnesty for illegal aliens down our throats are at best ill-advised.  If you really want true peace and not just money in your coffers, you'll resume the preaching of all the truths of the Faith and stop demonizing those who disagree on matters of prudential judgment.  In case you haven't noticed, dear bishops, we're on the brink of war in the mid-east.  Be shepherds, not politicians.

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