Friday, August 23, 2013

Vortex: Blindness About Obama

Using Bishop Tobin's announcement of his party affiliation change as an introduction, Michael Voris rebukes the US bishops for their blindness towards Obama's hell-spawned policies.  I'll take it a step further.  It's not "blindness".  The bishops aren't complete fools.  They most likely are jettisoning their sacred duties because they want to keep the government grants flowing into their various coffers.  I will also give Bishop Tobin some additional credit.  Recall that it was he who was verbally abused by Chris Matthews because he (being Patrick Kennedy's bishop) actually sat Kennedy down and read him the Riot Act, so to speak.

As you watch this Vortex, please keep in mind the bishops' planned push for amnesty for illegal aliens.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if they showed the same drive and initiative for unborn babies?


  1. "But the state Republican Party caucus also unanimously approved same-sex "marriage."

    Read more:

    I guess now that the Republicans are for gay marriage and their presidential candidate, Romney, invented ObamaCare and had been working for gays in the boy scouts since 1994, and as Obama says, all the Republican leaders privately tell him they agree w/him, bishops can come out and join the GOP now - just in time to ensure the Republicans give citizenship to criminals, don't shut down the government or defund Obamacare or do anything to defend marriage or life in the womb.

    Voris had a Vortex last year that it was time after the election to start a third party. I'm ready. When I registered to vote in 1980, I registered Republican, but I dropped my registration last year when they nominated Romney.

    1. A third party might well be the route to follow. It must be done gradually, working from the grass-roots up. An attempt to run a presidential third-party candidate, without the necessary ground work being laid, will simply be an exercise in posturing and chest-beating.

  2. I nominate Alan Keyes. He has been dead-on accurate about both parties, and is certainly the most intellectual, while being mercilessly vilified for his brave stances.

  3. Some people say we need a third party. Maybe what we really need is a…second party.


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