Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catholic News Service Movie Review Plops Another Stinker

Many of us have heard reviews of "The Butler", a film by Lee Daniels.  It is ostensibly "a look" at various US presidents through the eyes of a fictional White House butler.  From what I've heard, I've determined that it is not worth one red penny of my hard-earned money.  Michael Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan, excoriated the movie for portraying his father as a racist.

There are also the veterans - particularly Viet Nam veterans - displeased with the portrayal of Nancy Reagan by Jane Fonda.  They know her as "Hanoi Jane".  Read the account of her despicable treatment of American soldiers and POWs.  Several theaters refuse to show the movie for that reason - for which I applaud them.

More appalling is her public advocacy of baby-murder (not surprising, coming from Hollywood but disgusting nonetheless).  From giving keynote addresses at Planned Parenthood fundraisers to uttering brainless remarks about pro-life advocates, she has shown herself to be quite full of venom.

All of the above renders quite mystifying the glowing review of "The Butler" found in this week's edition of the Catholic Standard.  The review is online here; please read it.  Jane Fonda's role should have immediately disqualified the film from any serious attention by an agency that purports to review films from a Catholic perspective.  Instead, the review calls the movie "uplifting with moral significance".  This is actually reminiscent of Catholic News Service's gaffe from 2005, when it gave to "Brokeback Mountain" a "L - limited adult audience" rating.  Only after public outcry shamed the CNS into remembering the "Catholic" in front of its name did it revise the rating to "O - morally objectionable".

I was wondering why CNS would risk a repeat of their 2005 debacle until I saw this.  The Messiah Most Miserable watched the movie and liked it. In fact, (wait for it!) he "teared up" while watching !  Sigh!  Isn't that just - special????  Anyway, there you have it.  If Obama likes it, the USCCB (parent of the CNS) branch of the Minions Most Mindless must fall in lockstep and sing the praises of "The Butler".  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Catholic Standard saw fit to waste its ink and paper today.

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  1. If I remember correctly, "The Washington Post" wasn't impressed with the movie either.


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