Friday, August 2, 2013

From The "Biology Flunk-Outs" Department

Ladies and gentlemen, the linked article is not a leaked script from the Twilight Zone.  There really are people who believe this crap.  The author, Lauren Rankin, is a graduate student at Rutgers University focusing on (you guessed it!) "Women and Gender Studies".  It's one of those fields that's guaranteed to have one living off governmental largess or carrying on as a tenured social studies professor; come to think of it, both outcomes are almost identical, but I digress.

This graduate student from Rutgers (who arrived there no doubt with brain properly washed with progressive public education) has startled the thinking world with this pronouncement (trumpets and drum roll, please!):

Not Everyone Who Has An Abortion Is A Woman

After all, there's "transmen", "transgenderqueer", right?  The author takes great umbrage at feminists from the 1960s for not recognizing these newly-discovered genders (and issues a few "mea culpas" herself).

No wonder the poor kid mentioned in my previous post thinks he has ovaries!  Just think!  These people vote!

It's time we took back our language and our culture.  Pray for God's mercy on these folks, but then be prepared to exhibit the Spiritual Works of Mercy - all of the works!

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