Monday, August 26, 2013

Now CRS Plays The Hypocrite

AKA Printing and Mailing operates out of Frederickburg, VA.  It is owned and operated by Hugh Brown, son of American Life League's president Judie Brown.  During the past four years, Catholic Relief Services had used AKA's services, paying them over $7 million during that time.

Comes now the news that last September, Bishop Gerald Kicanas, board chair of CRS, ended the contractual relationship with AKA because of ALL's critique of CRS's aiding and abetting the pro-abortion activities of its partners.  No one denies that CRS has the right to select its own vendors, but this incident illustrates how far CRS has sunk in the hole of duplicity.  Consider that AKA Printing and American Life League are two separate entities that happen to be run by different members of the same family.  There is no corporate relationship between the two, nor is there commingling of funds.  Yet CRS has discontinued its relationship with one on basis of the actions of the other.  Contrast that with its own relationships with CORE and PSI.  Obviously there is commingling of funds donated by CRS with funds designated for the promotion of abortion and contraception.  By what mental gymnastics does CRS justify such contradictory behavior in itself?

Bishop Kicanas' actions as CRS board chair are rather reminiscent of the actions of a previous CRS board chair, himself a bishop.  I speak of the despicable conduct of St Petersburg Bishop Robert Lynch and his callous treatment of the Schindler family as Terri Schindler Schiavo was being murdered in his diocese.  Recall that while Lynch offered no opposition to Michael Schiavo's murder of his wife, he forbade his priests from speaking out and from offering the Schindlers any spiritual support.  Granted Lynch was not acting in his capacity as a CRS official, but the same progressive brain-rot is evident.  This is all about attempting to punish those who proclaim truth - even if it means retaliation against family members.


  1. Wow. Fantastic analogy. Well said. Bravo.

  2. Nothing like a bishop to teach us how to love our enemies... Nevertheless in this instance I think God did the Browns a favor. I can hardly believe they would want to profit from a group that is engaged in funding abortion and contraception. Nor would they would want to be printing deceptive fundraising materials to help CRS reel in money from fellow Catholics who don't know they are funding abortion and contraceptive activities.


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