Sunday, August 4, 2013

If You Saw Our Postcard

Welcome to this blog, if this is your first visit.  We are dedicated to reminding one and all of the timeless truths of our Faith and to bringing Catholics back to fidelity to the Magisterium.  That includes reminding of the primacy of the sanctity of life and family in matters of morals, as opposed to dilution and even pollution with other issues that can be a segue into socialism and eventual atheism.

The postcards that you may have seen, either in the mailbox or at church this weekend, are part of an effort to thwart the siphoning of Catholic resources that would otherwise be surreptitiously sent to organizations that are opposed to Catholic moral teachings.  The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), since its inception, has been an avenue for diverting the donations of sincere Catholics towards causes that they no doubt would find abhorrent.  You might remember that a few years ago, a "community organization" known under its acronym "ACORN" was involved in massive voter-fraud schemes in several states.  They were also shown to be coaching (undercover agents posing as) pimps into "best practices" for running brothels.  During the past few decades, the CCHD has funneled millions of dollars towards this nefarious organization.  We had been pleading with CCHD to cease these grants, but their ears were deafened to us.  Only when these scandals made national news was CCHD shamed into defunding ACORN.  However, CCHD continues to fund many other questionable organizations.

I link now to a previous post.  It was written just after we released our postcards into the mail.  In that post is a downloadable link to the postcard, as well as links to valuable background information regarding the CCHD.  Please take the time to study it.  I realize it'll take a bit of time, but there's years of sordid CCHD history with which you should become familiar as you evaluate any course of action to take with them.

Please boycott this collection and send your donation dollars to an organization that respects Christian morality and actually practices the Works of Mercy.  In your collection envelope next week, you might want to write a note explaining why you won't donation.  For instance, you could write, "I cannot donate to CCHD because it funds organizations that work to undermine the Catholic faith and Christian morality".

Please spread the word.  If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, please use hashtag #no2cchd.  Thank you.

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