Monday, August 5, 2013

Catholic Social Justice Branches - Accomplices In Destruction Of Families

I'm sure for many working in the various social justice offices in the US Catholic Church (state conferences, diocesan offices), their cooperation with this evil is unwitting.  They are dupes and puppets, honestly believing that they are "serving the poor".  Nevertheless, the damage they do is real.  They fail - and many refuse to consider - basic economic principles.  They forgot (or perhaps were never taught) that "no one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true socialist." (This quote is from Quadragesimo Anno, released May 15, 1931 by Pope Pius XI).

Six years ago, Maryland Governor O'Malley signed into law some of the biggest tax hikes (as of that date) in Maryland history.  Just before that happened (such a coincidence!), the Maryland Catholic Conference released a statement that in effect tried to stifle opposition to the tax hikes by trying to con us into thinking that these same hikes were part and parcel of Catholic social teaching.  That was before I operated this blog and was using the older website.  It's still up and running so I link to it now.  Please note that the piece in turn links to the MCC statement in all its dubious splendor.

The Independent Journal Review posted a video of US Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) saying outright that the government has a right to our money.  These progressives aren't bothering to couch their language anymore.  They're announcing their socialism and are "out and proud" about it.  With lapdogs such as the MCC chiming right in, why not?

Below is a Vortex episode.  Michael Voris explains (albeit a bit simplistically) how taxation cripples families (Is anyone from the MCC reading this?)  Note at 5:25 when he asks, "how come you never hear this story from the social justice squawkers in Catholic circles?  Isn't the dignity of man as worker a foundational concept?"

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