Thursday, August 8, 2013

$100 Million Mega-Mosque In Lanham MD

Thanks to Pewsitter, I received today word that a mega-mosque is in the works in Lanham MD, set to open October 2014.  If all goes as planned, it will be the largest mosque in the western hemisphere.  The firm Allen and Shariff did some engineering design for the thing and show that it will be located in the middle of a triangle bordered by Good Luck Road, 97th Avenue and Elvis Lane.

World Net Daily posted a piece going into some history behind muslims and their mosques.  It has been well-known that the construction of a mosque in a locality has signified to muslims triumph in that area.  That is a key reason why they were so eager to build a mosque near Ground Zero shortly after the 9-11 attacks.  They also point out that in the neighborhoods surrounding mosques, muslim "patrols" have often wandered about telling neighbors not to wear skirts, walk dogs, etc.  In other words, they attempt to establish a de-facto sharia environment.  If it happens in Lanham, will the residents put up with it?  We are talking about Prince Georges's County, MD - a bastion of liberalism and political correctness.

Maryland's political configuration is rather interesting.  The high-density areas such as Montgomery County, PG County and Baltimore City have for long been infested with progressivism/liberalism: blue areas, with the rest of the state being relatively red.  However, those areas contain the bulk of the voters (both living and dead, but that's another post) so they carry the state in elections.  The progressive poison is slopping over into Howard, Baltimore County and Charles County.

Perhaps the above shows reasons why both Montgomery and PG County tend to attract flotsam and jetsam.  Montgomery County has Leroy Carhart to its dubious credit.  To be certain, PG is scourged with its rogues' gallery of abortionists.  However, in attracting this mega-mosque, PG now will be inflicted with a pestilence of a different variety, especially if this mosque brings with it creeping sharia.

But this scourge is spreading north.  In researching this Lanham mosque, I became aware that one will be erected in Germantown.  This one will be quite a bit smaller than the Lanham mosque.  The one in Lanham is being promoted by the government of Turkey.  When was the last time you heard of a Christian church being built in Turkey?  Crickets?  This is the United States of America, where freedom of religion for all is respected.  It's quite telling, though, when a Muslim state builds a mega-mosque here while squelching the rights (and lives) of Christians within its own borders.


  1. And in less than 4 weeks, the 'Million Muslim March' is planned for Washington DC on the anniversary of 9/11!!

    American Muslim PAC (AMPAC) organized this march for Muslims on DC in order to demand that their Muslim civil rights be protected by our government--on the anniversary of September 11!

    AMPAC Chairman, Rabbi Alam, Democrat and Obama campaigner, and event planner along with others, is on record denying that any Jews were killed on 9/11 and that the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers were not 'solely responsible for destroying the whole building.'

    There are no words to express the outrage in response to such an event.

  2. Restore DC Catholicism:

    Please do some basis and independent research.

    Mentioning the Islamaphobic, fact-free blog World Noise Deviant (so-called world news daily) does not bring any credibility to your post.

    Instead of focusing on the spiritual advancements and achievements of other religions' adherents, if you and other Catholics focused on your own advancement, perhaps you'd be accomplishing the same goals for Catholic in Maryland. Instead, you're hating on Muslims expanding their places of worship here in this country of MANY religions!

    Understand this: Islam was in the USA BEFORE it was called the USA! Do NOT get it twisted. Then again, you've already done that by relying (re-LYING) on bogus sources, such as the one you've quoted.

    Then you go on to attempt to disenfranchise non-rightwingers. You could have just as easily have stated that the fringes of Maryland are infested with right-wingnuts. That same area of "infestation" you mentioned was at one time, predominantly White....and racist. I'm sure when teabaggers exclaim, "We want to take our country back", they mean back to that horrible past where Black and others bit their lip before addressing the disrespect of a White person berating them.

    What you call a "scourge" is actually progress for this sick and racist country! Talk about pluralism? When has this country EVER been for Whites and Christians ONLY??!! NEVER!!

    According to the US Constitution, there is no country/national religion. Period. All of its citizens are free to practice ANY religion of their choosing or none at all. If you don't like that document, there are HUNDREDS of other countries who don't follow the US Constitution where you could live. Feel free to pack your bigotry and take it with you when you leave.

    1. My goodness! Aren't you full of rage and venom! Did I speak too much truth regarding the bile known as Islam? I'd like to address any arguments, but there is not one cogent statement in your entire screed.


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