Friday, August 9, 2013

Disgraced Bishop Lynch Defend Catholic Relief Services

I say Bishop Robert Lynch of St Petersburg Florida is disgraced because of his abysmal conduct during the de facto murder of Terri Schiavo in 2005.  Recall that the protracted murder happened in his diocese.  Not only did he refuse to intervene on behalf of the Schindlers but he essentially gave aid and comfort to Michael Schiavo, the murderous spouse.

During that time period, he was chairman of the board of CRS.  During Holy Week of 2005, when Terri was in her final days, Bishop Lynch left the area, allegedly "on CRS business".  It is a violation of Canon Law for a bishop to be absent from his diocese during Holy Week.  Are there other reasons why he had to flee the heat, as it were?

At any rate, please read the LifeSiteNews article for more detail on Bishop Lynch's pathetic lashing out at the truth.  He claims we're criticizing CRS because we want to "raise money".  Seriously?????

Please note that the collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the Archdiocese of Washington is this weekend.  Please boycott it - say #no2cchd.

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  1. There's a number of reasons to label Lynch a "disgrace."


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