Monday, September 16, 2013

A Woman-Priestess-Wannabee Enthuses Over The Dancing Bishops

We all recall the sorry spectacle that some bishops made of themselves at World Youth Day.  Some of us called them out for belittling the dignity of their sacred ordinations.

Enters now Sister Martha Ann Kirk, a "liturgical dancer" herself and priestess-wannabee.  Both of these proclivities put her at serious variance with the Magisterium.  To me, it's no surprise that a dissident would wax ecstatic about that incident.

Sister notes that a choreographer called "Fly" led them in the routine.  Last month I posted about Fly's, uh, "career".  Consider that the bishops allowed themselves to be played the fools by this man.   She then tries to justify the debacle with some quotes of various saints, but these quotes fall flat on their face.  St Francis de Sales probably would not consider that performance the "honey to catch flies".  St Teresa of Avila speaks of a "sense of humor".  Part of having a sense of humor is knowing when something is NOT humorous, but rather ridiculous.  Further down she attempts to use Matthew 11:15-19.  Isn't is odd that she doesn't see fit to quote Jesus' entire statement?

We see Sister quoting the New Yorker, and that in turn opines that "Pope Francis sidesteps the issues of dogma and Church law.." to "embrace the core of Christ's Gospel message."  Don't you just wonder how this touchy-feely crowd intends to define "the core of Christ's Gospel message" without dogma and Church law?  Oh, what am I thinking?  These are the new progressives who know so much better than did the Apostles, Church Fathers and millions of faithful Catholics who preceded us these past two thousand years.  They will lead the way, as they twirl and pirouette anytime and anywhere they can.  Heaven forbid that they be "pushed into a limited corner of thought and reaction".

Pray tell, what is their difficulty with "thought"?  After all, are we not made in the image and likeness of God particularly in our faculties of intellect and will?  What we might be seeing in Sister's piece is a little "tipping of the hand", as we see a none-too-subtle attempt to short-circuit thought and reason as it was so aptly done by Fly and his team.

She does whine and pout about us "angry bloggers" who will not sit silently while our leaders not only make fools of themselves but belittle the very Gospel that they are called to preach.  Too bad.  No more will they get away with such travesties.

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