Sunday, September 15, 2013

MD NARAL Fundraiser September 21 2013 - WE WILL PICKET!!!!

Remember this from last year?  Well they're doing their thing again, raising money to promote the whole-scale slaughter of babies in Maryland and beyond.

We will be there again, as well.  We will not let them celebrate and promote the murder of defenseless children in comfort and complacency.  As we did last year, we will stand along the sidewalk with our signs (some of them graphic) to remind them that they are promoting grave evil.  Sadly, some of the attendees are elected officials; they are in dire need of remedial education.

The event will occur Saturday, September 21st.  It will be at the Oak Room, adjacent to the Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department at 17921 Brooke Road in Sandy Spring MD.  It is just one block north of the Brooke Road / Route 108 intersection.  Their event is scheduled to begin at 8pm so we'll be there from 7pm to greet them as they arrive.

PLEASE JOIN US!  And pass along word of this effort!  Your voice and presence will make a difference.

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