Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mic'd Up On Church's Self-Destruction

Michael Voris based the title of this "Mic'd Up" episode on a statement made by Pope Paul VI as he reflected on negative results of the mis-application of Vatican II pronouncements.  The first guest was Pat Archibald of Creative Minority Report, who spoke of the need for the Muslims' conversion to the One True Faith, not some wishy-washy "dialog".  Would the Archdiocese of Washington folks assigned to watch this blog please summon Cardinal McCarrick to watch this (starting at the 14-minute mark)?  He stands in dire need of this reminder of why he was ordained.

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  1. Voris asks Burkett how he keeps his faith in ND’s “hook up” culture, but he never mentions the suicide due to a sexual encounter w/a football player that happened while Burkett was at ND--nor do they discuss why so many females at ND are whispering rape (including ANAL rape]:
    “When I asked the resident assistant how much, if at all, Lizzy's experience influenced her friend's decision not to file a complaint, she said, "Oh, 100 percent; we talked a lot about Lizzy" and about the resident assistant's own experience of having the campus disciplinary board find the young man she had accused "not responsible" of anally raping her on a date. "She said, 'Nothing happened? Then I'm not doing it.'
    “One I do meet is Shea Streeter, a 2011 graduate whose parents met at Notre Dame, where her father played football. Not long before, she and a bunch of friends got to talking and realized that "of the eight of us, six had been sexually violated and we're all good friends and none of us knew that about each other -- and the other two had had bad experiences, too.
    “Recently, though, so many daughters of her Notre Dame friends have been raped on campus that she's concluded she needs to warn women who are thinking of attending. The tipping point came when she realized that two friends who'd been roommates both had daughters who had reported being raped at Notre Dame -- and that one of the accused was the son of yet another friend and alumna. "
    One hundred thousand Christians are being murdered annually for the faith according to the Vatican.
    Read more:
    However, 1.2 million babies are being murdered annually in the U.S.--3-4,000 a day. Manion grasps the problem: the Church stopped teaching the faith in 1968 and preaches the politics of the welfare state (45 min); once you lose your authority (God) all that’s left is a vulgar lust for power and prestige; “the Church” is receiving billions of (tax) dollars from Catholic politicians, but Manion refuses to condemn the churchmen and women. HE wants to instruct them about the cesspool Catholic politicians!
    Manion insists the hierarchy are “our dearly beloved and good shepherds” and that they are “men of good will” (instead of criminal accomplices to baby murder) (45-48 min) and just don’t understand these “golden handcuffs”. Archibald makes the same retreat when pressed by Voris (he understands the pope’s dialoging and would wish the KuKluxKlan “Happy Ramadan”), even as he complains, “How are we supposed to convert when we are losing people left and right?” (21:44) and states that it is the Church men themselves who are “depressing” (and contradicting) any Catholic who states the faith as it was taught pre-VCII (31 min).
    The issue is not how are we going to stop OUR barbaric practice of murdering 1.2 million babies a year before we’re burned up like Sodom or die and go to hell, but how proud we are that a Catholic has actually SAID that MUSLIMS need conversion and how are we thumb suckers going to keep our faith in a Church that hasn’t taught it since 1967/8(!!) when we aren’t watching football, ogling babes in bikinis, drinking our brains out, cruising the Bahamas or hobnobbing with church bigwigs and famous politicians)?
    Manion’s answer takes the cake: “Well, The first thing to do is embrace the cross and recognize we’re all fallen and surrounded by sin (our own first and foremost) and then you can kind of celebrate” (55:37 min)


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