Monday, September 9, 2013

So Bishop Robert Lynch Is Ashamed?

From his Sept 1st posting on his blog, the bishop of St Petersburg (FL) says, "I am ashamed to say that the Catholic Church in the United States sadly gave President George W. Bush largely a free pass in Iraq."

His Excellency would do far better to be ashamed that he himself gave the proverbial "free pass" to Michael Schiavo as the latter went about murdering his invalid wife Terri within the borders of the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  His conduct eighteen years ago was an absolute debacle, coming from a successor to the Apostles.  I too oppose the proposed strike in Syria, but Bishop Lynch's words ring hollow and shallow in light of his gross dereliction of duty towards Terri Schiavo.

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  1. Thanks for all you do to keep Catholics up-to-date. May God bless your work.

    I responded to the Bishop...I'll paste it here and you may delete if it is a violation.

    There is no doubt that President George W. Bush has suffered his purgatory on earth. He has been blamed for everything under the sun by the current regime and its supporters, many of whom are supposed to be shepherding the flock entrusted to them. Could you not, dear Bishop Lynch, have clearly stated what needed to be stated without detracting, slandering former President Bush? We have the most pro-abortive President in the history of our country, who dictates and legislates (without authority, but with a little help from his Catholic friends on the Supreme Court) everything amoral. This is his notion on what he wants to do to "save face". Why not speak up about the free pass you and many brother Bishops of the USCCB have given President Obama? Slam dunking a former President when the current President bows to evil is deplorable at least.

    I agree that acting now for peace is absolutely important. I hope and pray all do. I hope and pray that the USCCB closes up shop and that our U.S. Bishops begin to Shepherd for so many, many souls are being lost under their watch. I hope and pray that our scandalous President, and his regime leave office before sinking what is left of our divided country.


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