Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Part Of Attacks On The Vortex

When I put up the Mic'd Up post yesterday, I didn't realize that I was posting only the second part of Wednesday's two-hour broadcast.  My apologies for any confusion.  Below is the first part.


  1. I saw Archbishop Chaput identified as the bishop Michael had a falling out with (to put it nicely)....any idea of who the female author & radio host is who wanted Voris's name "never to be mentioned"?

  2. Wonder if you've seen this:

    Esp at 10:19 min concerning Judy Brown

    & 23:46 min concerning Gloria TV.

    Gloria TV has reported on homosexual scandals in Europe:

    German authorities shut down Kreuznet earlier this year:

    "The Vienna and Berlin prosecutors against determine for several months. The accusation: sedition. The portal, which is now offline, spread repeatedly sharp polemic against homosexuals, Protestants, the parties represented in the Bundestag, German media and Catholic theologians and bishops. The Catholic Church has distanced itself from the side.

    Also spread especially hatred; Advocates of abortion, homosexuals and Christian reformer. The portal is a kind of YouTube for Catholic radicals. Users can upload videos or texts and comment on. Heart is a self produced daily newscast, which is recorded in several languages."

    Seems like the wolves are beginning to starve. In Germany Church and state also came together to deny "the sacraments" to anyone who won't pay their "church tax" (I bet Cardinals Wuerl & McCarrick would do the same too if only Pelosi, Boehner & Biden would let them collect a church tax from us).


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