Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maryland - Where Butchers Continue To Get A Free Pass

Some of us were starting to think that the Maryland Board of Physicians was beginning to realize that it had a duty to the public to prevent quacks from masquerading as physicians.  We had seen some licenses at least suspended and mills closed because of unsafe conditions and even the deaths of some women.

Our elation was premature.  I suppose we momentarily forgot that most of the Annapolis legislature - and our "katholyc" governor - are beholden to pro-abortion moneybags and sugar-daddies.  Operation Rescue learned that the suspensions of two abortionists associated with Stephen Brigham have been lifted.  Iris Dominy is one of the two.  She was implicated in the death of Maria Santiago at Brigham's Baltimore facility.  On August 29th that suspension was lifted.  She is still prohibited from performing any procedure requiring the use of sedation.  If that stipulation still holds, then there is still valid concern for her overall competency.  So why was her license not permanently stripped?

I suspect the Board has had the "riot act" read to it by powers-that-be in Annapolis.  It's quite revealing to go to their websites and see how many sport endorsements from NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, etc.  And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 elections are just a year away.  For those of you who are not from Maryland, all state and local officials are up for election every four years (during the times that there are no presidential races).  They cannot afford to offend their pro-abortion campaign contributors, so they will indeed do all they can to make Maryland a proverbial "mecca for murder".

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