Monday, September 9, 2013

Two Madagascar Bishops Interviewed Regarding CRS In Their Country

Lifesite News posted within the past few days their interviews with Archbishop Desire Tsarahazana and Archbishop Odon Razanakolona.  They both lament the non-Catholic control under which the Catholic Relief Services operates.

While they opine that the USCCB needs to reclaim control of the CRS, I believe that the USCCB wishes this state of affairs to exist.  It is the USCCB that is the source of the progressive influence into charitable outreaches.  The CRS, as well as CCHD, are only the manifestations of the moral rot.  They cannot be reformed in my opinion.  They must be abolished - as well as the USCCB that controls them.

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  1. I agree with you that the USCCB should be abolished. The organization is a non-profit, rather than hierarchical, organization. If the U.S. Bishops need an outlet to handle the legal, business, political, economic and social affairs of the Church in the U.S., why not have a council directly answerable to the Nuncio or a Papal delegation? As for the state conferences, again, why not accomplish their legal and business functions through the hierarchical structure? Time to place the Metropolitans over the suffragens again? This would allow for the Vatican above, and the suffragens below, to lean on Archbishops to be responsible for the actions of their suffragens? A good practice for the group of men who would be in line for the red hat, yes? I think so, at least theoretically.
    Not only this, but the nonprofits should be run by the laity under the supervision of Bishops. There is a huge need to open up the outlets the laity that should dominate under the guidance of the clergy and with the assistance of the religious. The state and national conferences for instance. And where are the Academies of Catholic Scholars for different disciplines or groups of disciplines like the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts? There are some small organizations for some of these, but none that I am aware of that feed into Catholic education (higher or lower) let alone policy and the formation and leadership of advocacy within dioceses and parishes. NETWORK does not count. :)


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