Sunday, September 22, 2013

Homosexuals And Freemasons In The Church

Michael Voris's Mic'd Up, produced last week, was just released in youtube format yesterday.  In it he interviews Randy Engel, author of "Rite of Sodomy".  I'd suggest that you read this book.  By the way - what she has to say about the role of the USCCB is just one more in the litany of reasons why the USCCB needs to be scuttled - not "reformed" but utterly demolished.

In the second portion Voris interviews John Salza, a former 32nd degree mason who is now warning of the dangers of freemasonry.  Salza makes mention of the consecration of Russia that Our Lady of Fatima requested.  Let's be clear: the consecration of Russia, per Our Lady's specific request, has NOT happened!  There is a reputed quote from Sr Lucia that she conceded that Russia was consecrated.  We did not hear this from Sr Lucia herself and now we never will.  Frankly I don't believe that report of her statement.  Our Lady did not request that "the world" be consecrated, but that the Holy Father consecrate Russia - by name - and in union with all the bishops.  Now either they believe Our Lady of Fatima, or they don't!  If they do, why the foot-dragging when it comes to obeying her specific requests?

In this interview with Salza, Voris alludes to a "Faith-Based Investigation" report on freemasonry that appears to go into greater detail.  When that is available I will post it.


  1. I'm cautioning Catholics to be careful with a great deal of the material presented in this video. What you don't want to do when ministering to Freemasons is use fiction to try to draw them out. That type of stuff may only reinforce Freemasonry's hold on them.

    Here is my critique of Voris expose.

    1. I'll suggest that all draw their own conclusions - bearing in mind that John Salza is also a former high-level mason. I think it quite possible that both Mr Salza and Mr Gray simply had differing experiences with masonry.

    2. Thanks for the reply; but just for clarification it only takes a weekend to become a 32nd Degree Mason. Even back when I did it took two months and I only had to wait a year after becoming a third degree. These days what you do is pay some money, sit in a theater and watch some of the degrees being exemplified and presto. This is a phenomenon primarily in the United States. In this country, Masons don't look at 32nd Degree masons as High Level masons. It's not the prestigious thing that the non-initiated think it is.


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