Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Paralysis By Analysis - Is That Just An Act?

Last week I wrote why it's a moral imperative to defund Obamacare in its entirety.  The US Bishops are so keen to act on lesser matters such ad immigration, but delight in dragging their feet when it comes to that menace to humanity called Obamacare.

Not to worry!  Cardinal Dolan assures us that "efforts are proceeding apace".  What he doesn't tell us is that "apace" means "the pace of a snail".  And guess what?  "Further discussion will take place" at the USCCB meeting in Baltimore this November.  Oh, yippee!  With all that yap and yammer, all will be sweetness and sunshine once again!

Boys and girls, can we all say, "too little too late"?  When the Baltimore meeting convenes, the decision to fund (or hopefully defund) Obamacare will already have occurred.  Those November discussions will be akin to the Titanic crew debating on the deck flower arrangements while the ship is sinking.  Does it not occur to you that if they're putting this on their November agenda, that they fully expect Obamacare to be in place?

I would say that they're inept and stupid, but that would be too charitable.  I'm serious.  If Obamacare is funded, the US bishops and their puppet-string pullers will bear moral culpability for every baby that's aborted thanks to Obamacare and every ill person victimized by the death panels.  Far too many of them actually yearn for socialized medicine but know that flies in the face of Magisterial teaching.  To appease faithful Catholics, they put up this "dumb but lovable little bumpkins" act so that they can pretend that they tried to stop it.    We are not falling for it any more, and we will call them out on their duplicity and deceit.


  1. This is the typical Dolan two-step....I am sure after the fact he will bemoan the bishops inaction and make all kinds of noise about "changing their ways" for the next time....no more being "gun shy"...blah , blah blah.
    I think it's time to be honest and admit the hierarchy in this country has lost interest in the pro-life battle beyond the provision of lip-service.

  2. I'm beginning to think many US bishops want Obamacare because otherwise they can't figure out how their dioceses would pay for all of the free medical care the illegal immigrants require, or AIDS medical treatment their priests need.

  3. Ah, the Humanist Revolution and the Secular Order of Nice. The Spiritual corruption born of the foolishness of Humanism in the Church is killing the Life of the Gospel in the Church with dead words and dead works. How long do we have to wait for this burgeoning false "church" to collapse? I understand that people are not perfect, but there is a difference between not perfect and what appears to be deliberate disobedience to the Deposit of the Faith and God Himself by the very officers, the Apostles, God has placed over the Church for its governance and progress in the Gospel of Christ (not the "gospel" of man).
    Can I tell you how terrified it makes me when I read the introduction to the CCC and read that the Council Fathers deliberately decided not to preach about sin, but only God's Love? I mean, how can we humans, having known original sin, and knowing concupiscence know God's SAVING love if we don't know that we need to be saved from something, namely sin?
    I could handle a pagan world, but it takes my breath away whenever I get a glimpse of the humanist/pagan "church" that has taken over Our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. If the Bishops are not going to govern according to Catholic Faith and Morals, who can?!?!
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us and save us from ourselves!


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