Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Abortionists Brigham And Riley Face More Consequences For Botching Abortions In Maryland - Why Not Carhart?

Abortionists Nicola Riley and Steven Chase Brigham face more legal woes in different states as those authorities take into considerations the botched abortion in Elkton MD and the scores of jars containing fetal remains.  Good for these other states.

One might wonder why, after his third certified chop-job on mothers in Germantown MD, how Leroy Carhart manages to keep his head above water.  Answer?  Friends in high places!  Boys and girls, can we say "Kathleen Sebelius"?  Thanks again to Operation Rescue, we have evidence.   Go down the page to the April 2008 dinner, with the dinner attendees.  You'll see both Sebelius and Carhart.  Could this be why Sharfstein seems to reluctant to zero in on Carhart?  It's a question worth asking, I daresay.

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