Monday, December 9, 2013

Bishop Tobin Speaks Out On Mandela's Murderous Legacy

Deo Gratias!  There is at least one US bishop who isn't following the progressive lap-dog chanting of the praises of Nelson Mandela.  Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence RI highlights Madela's "shameful promotion of abortion in South Africa."  I might remind one and all that Bishop Tobin has spoken truth to Patrick Kennedy and has been verbally abused by Chris Matthews for so doing (a reason why we picketed a book-signing of Chris Matthews that was hosted by Blessed Sacrament Church in Washington DC - see this and this).

Mandela needs our prayers.  Moreover, those who unreservedly heaped praise upon his dubious memory need our prayers for the courage to be honest about him - and yes, I include the Holy Father.

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