Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dolan: "Catholic Church Could Have Been Obamacare Cheerleader"

I'm beginning to think that Cardinal Dolan and Vice President Biden have a "gaffe competition" going on between them.  Or maybe not, as you'll see at the end.

The headline is truly what Cardinal Dolan said of the Obamacare disaster that is unfolding before our very eyes.  It's just that teensy thing about the murder of babies that gives them a cause for pause.  Sane people have been sounding that clarion call all along, but the progressives in the US hierarchy refuse to accept it.  Here's a key principle: when we ascribe to any governmental entity the powers and authority that Obamacare (and socialism) does, those sitting in positions of authority will become giddy and arrogant with their power.  They will see themselves as de facto deities and believe they have the prerogatives of the same.  In fact, we saw that in the 1970s.  It's no accident that Roe versus Wade was handed down after the Welfare State became firmly ensconced as a way of life.  Give a governmental entity enormous power and it will assume an enormous appetite for more.  Our Founding Fathers were deathly afraid of this scenario happening and sought to put checks and balances within the US Constitution.  The progressives in the USCCB worked feverishly with their cohorts outside the Church, using foolish prelates like Cardinal Dolan as their foils for their plots.  They succeeded.

Only now does Dolan seem to think something amiss, but still he persists in his denial of the horrible evil that is Obamacare.  At least I can only hope it's denial.  The cynical - and  realistic - side of me believes that Cardinal Dolan knew all along that we'd all be forced to pay for the murders of babies, and is putting on this "bristling" schtick to mollify those of us who have been protesting all along.  I believe he's fully culpable for the furtherance of Obamacare via his allowance of the Obama photo-op at the Al Smith Dinner.  His connivance in this mess is no less than that of Sister Carol Keehan as she wields her Pen of Perfidy.

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  1. His foolish comments make me shudder. Lord have mercy on us for we are short on apostolic successors. This really makes one hope and dream that he would agree to a mic'd up interview with Michael Voris. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to end up dismembered as are the 56 million in our country have, and Mr. Voris is just the Catholic to do it.


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