Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Envirowhacko Elf Lobby Of Iceland

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  I too am having difficulty believing that people take this seriously.  In Iceland, a highway project was halted because the proposed highway because (wait for it!) elves living there might be disturbed.  When I first saw this on Facebook, I truly thought this was a spoof.  However, when I saw this in the Guardian and the Atlantic I realized this story was factual.

Of particular concern (?) to the group filing suit on behalf of the elves (are these elves paying nice retainers?), is a rock formation that the self-appointed elf guardians know to be an "elf church".  Howe do they know?  Why, they "sense the energy"!  Silly me, why didn't I think of that?

In Maryland, we finally saw the construction of the Intercounty Connector (MD Rte 200).  That too was held up for decades because of envirowhacko concerns.  To the best of my knowledge, zeal for elves never factored into the debate.  Because of all the new-agey schlock that oozes out of progressive pores everywhere, though, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that elves were an unacknowledged motive for opposition to the ICC.

But we must consider another factor.  Iceland is close to the North Pole.  Maybe these elves are employed by Santa Clause!  After a busy season, these poor elves are in need of a little vacation.  Should a bunch of bulldozers disturb their "down time", perhaps these elves may be poorly disposed to make fun toys for us next Christmas!  Golly gee!  Maybe we should think twice about this???  (Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  You may regard this paragraph as sarcasm.)

I would say that is the comedy to cap off 2013 - if there weren't actually people who took it seriously.  That is a tad disconcerting.  Have a blessed New Year's anyway.

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