Saturday, December 14, 2013

Progressive Social Justice Crowd - Pharisees?

In LifeSiteNews, Michael O'Brien makes some interesting and relevant points in his article touching upon "new phariseeism".  He makes the case that none of us can claim any righteousness on our own, and that the Pharisees were experts on substituting their own customs for authentic Mosaic law.  They then adhered to the former while trashing the latter.

He draws the analogy between that tendency and the tendency of the "social justice" crowd to minimize the importance of matters pertaining to life and sexual morality, substituting their own progressive causes.  And heaven help the poor pro-life person who looks askance upon Obamacare or the Dream Act.  I could regale one and all of the hissies that have been lobbed in my direction by these new Pharisees when I won't jump on their bandwagons.  I am tempted sometimes not to point out the questionable alliances in which they embroil themselves in search of their progressive utopias.  Not to worry, though, as I usually succeed in conquering those temptations to the chagrin of some.

It seems that some "illegal immigration" devotees have taken to fasting for their cause.  According to Catholic Culture, the first bunch ended their fast with public recognition from not only Cardinal McCarrick, but "usual suspects" such as Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Tom Perez.  The list of organizations sounds like a "who's who" if dissenters.  But Cardinal McCarrick glories in his squalid associations.  I have picketed at least four of these throughout the years.  I wonder how many of these would fast for the end of abortion?  Wait!  What am I thinking?  Are not Pelosi and Sharpton two of the biggest proponents of child-murder?  So why does a Prince of the Church associate himself with these modern pharisees?  Do we really need to ask that question (owing to obvious answer)?

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