Friday, December 27, 2013

Bracing Ourselves For The Cleanup

My friend at The Tenth Crusade has some additional thoughts about Thomas Peters' recent plops of nonsense.  I want to focus on her thoughts in her final paragraph.  When she mentions the "donnybrook in the public square" she isn't whistling dixie.

Last week I alluded to some difficulties that faithful Catholics are having when it comes to seeing the ominous signs coming from the Vatican.  Much of it stems from a natural desire to believe the best of the Holy Father - a desire that I share and still entertain.  They recoil at the reality of the mixed signals coming from the Vatican, refusing to acknowledge them for what they are.  There is also the understandable confusion about the precise nature of papal infallibility.  They believe that the Pope is infallible in all matters when in reality papal infallibility is quite defined and limited in its scope.  Of course we are obliged to ascribe weight to his words, but in matters of prudential judgment we may - and sometimes must - take exception to words and actions that don't touch on matters of faith and morals.

Sometimes when we take exception, we must do so publicly.  We must do so with respect to the Holy Father and his office, but we must be very clear about our message.  That entails we speak boldly - and loudly if necessary.  No doubt we will face ridicule and rejection - and much of it may come from our fellow parishioners, our clergy, etc.  We may find ourselves expelled from roles and positions in our parishes.

Those are the breaks.  As Carol said, if the current trend continues, there will be a "donnybrook".  Will there be Catholics with the spiritual, moral and intestinal fortitude to see the battle through to victory?  The strength won't happen without prayer and the Sacraments.  Use your rosaries, scapulars, holy water, etc; you'll need all the help you can get.  Also make sure you are studying your Faith on an ongoing basis.

As a modern model, I recommend as examples the young men in Argentina who withstood the hordes of crazed feminists who wanted to vandalize the local cathedral.  We will need that some fortitude and determination here.  Watch the video below..

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  1. Your fire of love for our Lord and His Church burns brightly!

    I love our Holy Father and I know you do too. I love Christ and the salvation of souls more. Can't get on board a trainwreck that doesn't get people there - no matter how giddy the ride may be.


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