Monday, December 30, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry And Pals Trash-Talk A Baby

Melissa Harris-Perry (hereafter referred to as "MHP"), an MSNBC fixture, hosted a panel of five like-minded progressives who thought it would be hilarious to mock one of Mitt Romney's grandchildren precisely because he's black and adopted.  What strikes me as particularly hypocritical is that the pro-abortion crown likes to throw in our faces the pre-programmed sneer "how many black children have you adopted"?  Well, in their eyes we're "damned if we do and damned if we don't".  Actually, they really don't care just as long as they think they can shut us up.

Now if you believe you've seen MHP's name on this blog in previous posts, you are correct.  MHP has quite the talent for opening her mouth and inserting both feet.  Please click here to read of previous antics of hers, for I will refer to them later in this post.

Consider two of those posts.  In one, it is revealed that she believes unborn children are "things in the uterus".  In another of those posts, she voices her belief that the already-born child is alive if and only if the parents feel he/she is alive.  So as we watch MHP and her equally heartless companions mock the little boy, we have good reason to wonder if they understand that they're mocking a real human being.  They remind me of a bunch of Nazi leaders chortling over the latest anecdotes about Jews executed in the death camps.

Another post shows a picture of MHP with tampons hanging from her ears.  One might be forgiven if they were to mistake them for the fluff from where her brain should be oozing out of her ears.  Now the video..

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