Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Limbo Of The Infants

A few weeks ago I blogged on the necessity of infant baptism.  Today a blogging colleague at A Blog For Dallas Area Catholics posted a piece that I definitely recommend.  In his second paragraph he touches upon women who think that they're sending their babies to heaven - or at least that's the yarn they throw at us.  Several years ago I had a conversation with a woman who thought I was taking pro-life too seriously because the "babies go to heaven anyway". (She was wise enough to stop when she beheld the expression on my face).

The long and short is that we just don't know for certain the destinies of these babies.  We have hope, but not certitude, that they'll go to heaven.  But that lack of certitude means abortion is even more heinous than it appears at first glance (horrible enough).  Some of my pro-life comrades may take umbrage, but I think we need to face the truth on this matter.  And for folks like the lady I mentioned above, when you don't take the scourge of baby-murder seriously, you're making a "crap-shoot" out of the eternal destinies of babies.  For the love of God, get off your derrieres and work and pray them off to stop the blood-letting.  NOW!

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