Thursday, December 12, 2013

From the "Weeper Of The House Caves" Department

John Boehner, with assistance from Nancy Pelosi rammed through the budget deal.  The Feds will continue to spend like drunken sailors.  I suppose that's unfair to the sailors since the money they squander is their own.  Some of the Democrats were recalcitrant on the deal until Pope Pelosi sweet-talked them with this phrase: "embrace the suck".  Such a way with words she has!

Here is the roll call.  I congratulate Andy Harris, the lone Republican from Maryland who did not "embrace the suck" but stood for principle.  In 2014 many seats in the House must change - on both sides of the aisle!  John Boehner, who made known his disdain for the Tea Party, is one who has got to go.  He apparently has forgotten that without the Tea Party, he would not be holding that gavel.  We must relieve him of it.

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