Monday, December 16, 2013

Congregation For Bishops - Burke Out, Wuerl In - Bad News No Matter How You Slice It

The Congregation of Bishops plays an influential role in the selection and vetting of future bishops.  Several years ago Pope Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal Burke to this body.  While we lamented his loss state-side, we immediately saw the potential for much good.  Today, with Cardinal Burke not being confirmed on that body and Cardinal Wuerl's addition to it,  that good seems to be somewhat curtailed.  Consider the following about Cardinal Wuerl,
What on earth is the Holy Father thinking?  I only have two words for this:
  1. Yikes!
  2. Pray!


  1. Not a good sign. But neither have any of his comments throwing us pro lifer and pro family activists under the bus, his refusal to genuflect at the moment of Consecration, using the words "gay marriage", his putting a beach ball and soccer uniform on the altar, his very special "Beast Cross" that he processed into the College of Cardinals (which can be googled) with a strange looking serpent on the cross rather than a corpus of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    All these things make me say Yikes ! and Pray !....You know those Jesuits......

  2. One must remember though, that in a papacy looking to trim itself of the regalia of splendor, having a cardinal who delights in the ornate trappings of his office seems to be contradictory. If, as Francis says, the Church must be poor to serve the poor, draping oneself in yards of silk brocade is not the way to show that poverty.

    1. I would look askance upon such motivation as much as any, for it is possible to be overly eager to assume a "humble, poor" facade as much as an ornate. Cardinal Burke has made plain that those who commit flagrant mortal sin are to be denied Holy Communion until they repent; else they incur the guilt of sacrilegious Holy Communion - a mortal sin in and of itself. Since this appears to be your blog, I can see where your conscience is pricked. I pray that you heed that conscience and turn from the gay lifestyle before it destroys you in this life and the next.


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