Thursday, December 12, 2013

Leroy Carhart Sends Woman Number Nine To Hospital

Leroy Carhart is a busy man.  A very busy man!  Just four days after causing the emergency hospitalization of a patient of his in Germantown MD (Nov 26, to be exact), he caused the hospitalization of another woman at his Bellevue NE chop shop "clinic".   Here are details from Operation Rescue.  That makes four of them during 2013, with one of them being a fatality  At the rate he's going, he should have little private ambulances ready at his facilities in their own reserved parking spaces for his future botch-up jobs that will inevitably occur.  They may well happen sooner rather than later.

Below is an Operation Rescue video that highlights the nine women injured - correction, seven injured, two killed - at the hand of Leroy Carhart.  Watch and listen at the 1:15 mark (the fifth botch-up).  The Carhart woman placing the call is trying to get information from "Lindsey" at 1:27.   Lindsey seems not to be forthcoming in that scene.  It's quite likely she's the Lindsey Creekmore mentioned in the OR article.  The Nebraska Attorney General is trying to revoke her license; the hearing is scheduled for next March.  She has been seen at Germantown; I've written about her.  The Maryland Board of Nursing website gives no evidence that she ever applied for a Maryland license while she worked here.  However, if her Nebraska license is revoked, I would not be the least bit surprised if she resurfaced in Germantown.

Will Carhart's license to practice ever be terminated?  To be frank, I don't think that will ever happen until there is serious house-cleaning in Annapolis; 2014 would be a good time to start.  The current crop of officials is too much in the back pockets of the abortionists - from O'Malley right on down to their appointees like Sharfstein.  We need to get busy.

Important note: I mentioned two fatalities.  For the sake of this discussion I limited myself to maternal casualties.  In reality there have been thousands of casualites, the babies murdered by Leroy Carhart.  Pray for his repentance.  Now the video...

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