Monday, June 21, 2010

An Excellent Email to Gonzaga - And Silly Response from Gonzaga!

A reader of this blog sent the following email to the Gonzaga administration this past Friday. I commend her for the research that she did and do commend the links to your reading. The linked information sheds additional light on the nefarious deeds of Sister Carol Keehan and like-minded cronies, and the harm that they are doing to the Faith and to human life in general. And now, the email…

To whom it may concern:

Why was Carol Keehan invited to speak at Gonzaga’s 2010 commencement? When U.S. bishops called all Catholics to contact their congressional representatives to request health care reform that protected the lives and consciences of all Americans (and stood a good chance of getting it), it was Carol Keehan who declared the bishops mistaken and urged all legislators to pass a bill celebrated by Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the U.S., as a “huge victory”.

Vatican officials are concerned and perplexed by Carol Keehan’s behavior:

But at Gonzaga, not only were youth led to give Carol Keehan three standing ovations —before her speech, after her speech, and when persons denouncing her invitation were removed from the ceremony—they have also been led to believe that they have received a Catholic education and are on the road to heaven. Unfortunately, the road to heaven does not pass over the blood of 40 million babies.

Babies are killed at a rate of 3,500-4,000 a day in the U.S. Because of Keehan and her supporters (93% of Catholic Democrats in the House voted for this bill), abortion has been defined as health care that must be provided to women by an insurance plan in the U.S., the Congress is now voting to overturn the ban on abortions at military bases overseas because abortion is a “right”, and yet a Gonzaga faculty member tells commencement protestors that he is “pro-life” because he is a vegetarian.

Self-identified Gonzaga students claim that they and Fr. Novotny too are “pro-life” because they have seen pictures of abortions and attend a youth rally at the Verizon Center once a year. No doubt they are Irish because they wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, have seen photos of leprechauns, or eat potatoes at every meal.

Does God care if anyone is “pro-life” or does He care that His innocents are slaughtered while their brothers are taught to stand by respectfully and stand up and applaud those who work to further imbed a legal right to their slaughter in our nation? 40 years ago abortion was illegal in all 50 states. Today Keehan and the Jesuit would have us believe that taxpayer supported abortion is the best “reform” we can obtain! "Confusion and Clutter in Today's Society" was reported to be the coy topic of Keehan’s talk. She and the Jesuits would know—sowing it is what they do.

(Here the letter writer related her account of a relative who was neglected in a hospice run by a Catholic institution. I have redacted all identifying details.)

When money becomes scarce and the work increasingly depressing/futile the money/ self lovers bow out. That’s what happened w/my aunt. But the Church/Christian role has always been when the government/flesh gives up to show the love of Christ to the leper etc. (the stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone). Keehan and the Jesuits argue with Caiphas that for the sake of the nation one man must die (my aunt or whoever else they don’t have time for like those who are less than 6 months old or have 6 months left to live).

Last spring the Jesuits covered up an icon of Jesus’ name in order to host “the president”. My bishop thought it was worse that they were honoring “Catholic” Joe Biden, the buffoon, plagiarizer and character assassin. Not me. There was one thing Catholic about my aunt’s death: a crucifix in her room. The Society of Jesus is willing to obliterate the last vestige of Christ from the Catholic institution. I wasn’t surprised to read shortly thereafter that the Obama administration was considering making religious institutions “cover up” all icons as well as every other vestige of their faith before receiving federal funds.

What do you need the Catholic Church for if not to proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ? Many people take comfort from the fact that Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. Unfortunately, God can destroy the Church at any time.

This is what St. Paul said in 1Timothy: If any woman believer has widowed relatives, she must assist them; the church is not to be burdened, so that it will be able to help those who are truly widows. 5:16 If the church does not have enough resources, how does “the tax payer”?

It was reported that Carol Keehan left the commencement arm in arm with Cardinal McCarrick. Cardinal McCarrick is a priest and seminarian abuser. He violates the Church and the manhood of God. What if Eli had abused Samuel and Samuel abused David? God is not pleased.

This has been a bad week for news about killing the elderly, the disabled and the sick.

Here ends her letter. What follows below is the ad hominem attack that she received from Father Novotny.  “You should really seek spiritual/psychological help. I will pray for you.”

He addressed not one of the points she broached in her message. He gave her one snide remark. And no, Father! “I will pray for you” does not mitigate the malice oozing forth in your remark, but rather, it blasphemes the very concept of prayer!

Here is more information regarding the Jesuits and their unsavory allies:

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