Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stem Cells Cure Cases of Blindness

In an Italian study, people whose eyes were damaged by caustic chemical splashes have experienced restored sight after they received transplants from their own stem cells.

The last five words of the previous sentence are key.  These are adult stem cells, not cells ripped from the bodies of helpless embryonic children.  Once again, we see how ethiccal and life-respecting medical science actually works, as opposed to the largely-failed "embryonic stem cell research" (ESCR). 

One might ask why there is such a politically-correct push for the ESCR.  It's really quite simple.  It's all about fattening the wallets of abortionists.  This nefarious push artificially creates a market for the bodies of babies.  Often enough, our tax dollars are used to buy the babies' bodies, as though they were just scientific commodities.

The really "smart money" though, has abandoned ESCR - not necessarily because of moral principles, but because it just doesn't "work".  Sometimes God's justice can only be described as poetic.

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