Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pope Pelosi Plopped Another One!

"And the Word was made Flesh".  Yes, she made absolute gobbly-goop out of this.  Can it be because truth, inside her head, is gobbly-goop?  I'm having trouble embedding the video here, but you can watch it on Jill Stanek's blog.  Behold her stunning performance for yourselves!

Note some key phrases.  First (regarding the word), "fill it in with anything you want".  Well, she's an expert at that.  It's just another variation of making a god unto your image and likeness.  She then says something about being prepared to answer in this life how we measured up.  In that regard, she is no expert, as she will have to face the countless children whose murders were facilitated in no small part by Madame Speaker.  Hopefully she's "Madame Speaker" only until next January.

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