Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Matthews at Monastery - Looks Like We'll Picket!!

Many of us have been contacting (or attempting to contact) both the Catholic Network of Volunteer Service and the Franciscan Monastery regarding Chris Matthews' scheduled appearance on Thursday June 24th.  So far we've heard of no response from the CNVS.  The monastery has responded, and many have sent copies of the replies to me.  I've rehearsed some of those replies in earlier postings.  The monastery seems to be disavowing responsibility for Matthews' appearance.  Well yes, it is a CNVS event, but still the monoastery is allowing Matthews to come onto their property.  They could well make clear that he cannot speak, but they choose not to do so.  Some responses go so far as to claim complete ignorance of the event, or to hint that we're incorrect in our knowledge of Matthews' scheduled appearance.  In addition to the announcement on the CNVS website (to which I linked in an earlier post), there is the announcement in the June 10th edition of the Catholic Standard.  Since this issue will soon be taken off the church shelves to make way for the next edition, I captured that announcement in the video below.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Our sources cannot be denied.  What also cannot be denied is the very real probability that smoke is being blown at us.

Therefore, I'd like to make very clear to the CNVS and Monastery people who are watching this blog that unless there is a PUBLIC announcement that Chris Matthews' planned appearance will not occur, there will be a picket of this event.  We will witness for the truth of the Faith, something that others are setting aside for money and the chance to toady up to a celebrity.  All concerned Catholics are welcome to join us.

Between now and Thursday the 24th, please check this blog regularly, as we'll post updates to this situation.

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