Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy 80th, Cardinal McCarrick!!

We read in today's online edition of the Washington Post that "Washington celebrates its globe-trotting cardinal, "Uncle Ted"  Apparently His Eminence will soon turn 80 years old.  I was aware that that there was a rather large dinner for him last evening, but was not aware of all the doings - certainly not of the Mass.

Sadly, I am not surprised to see that Sister Carol Keehan did one of the readings at the Mass, thus befouling the pulpit of St. Matthew's Cathedral.  This is not the first time His Eminence has shown some special honor to a Catholic dissident whom faithful Catholics in this area have publicly rebuked; John Sweeney (former president of AFL-CIO) comes to mind as another example.

The writer of this article expresses some surprise that "the whole celebration has been uncharacteristically quiet."  While I understand Ms. Boorstein's surprise, I am not surprised.  Click this link for a reminder of how we took action when Sister Keehan was similarly honored, with His Eminence at hand.

We do wish His Eminence true blessings on his birthday.  We also rejoice that as he turns 80 years of age, he will no longer be eligible to vote for future popes.  Deo gratias!

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  1. This took place on the Vigil of St. John the Baptist! Anyone else see the irony?
    I wonder if Keehan did a liturgical dance for his Eminence.


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