Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here We Go Again!

A week has not elapsed since Sister Carol Keehan was permitted by the Jesuits to befoul a Catholic high school graduation, and now we have word of another unsavory character that is slated to speak at a Catholic function.

Two weeks from today, on June 24th, from 7:00pm-9:00pm, the Catholic Network of Volunteer Service is conducting an awards ceremony at the Franciscan Monastery, located at 14 Quincy Street, NE in Washington DC.  The guest speaker is Chris Matthews, host of Hardball.  Matthews is pro-abortion, and has no patience for those who insist that Catholics behave as such in the public square.

For instance, you might recall how Patrick Kennedy was railing against the Church for stating that he does not call the shots when it comes to determining Catholic morality.  Kennedy's bishop, Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island, took Kennedy to task - and aroused Matthew's ire.  Observe.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Now that we've all been sufficiently charmed by Matthews' oratorial/conversational style and his utter disregard for bishops who act like shepherds instead of fund-raising politicians, we can all see that Chris Matthews does not deserve a Catholic forum to cloak his dissent.

On other occasions, Matthews has labeled pro-life opponents of Kathleen Sebelius as "terrorists".   Read of the concerns of others over his pro-abortion advocacy and for a montage of pro-abortion quotes.

Please contact both the Catholic Network of Volunteer Service and the Franciscan Monastery.  Remind them that the presence of one who publicly favors abortion and who mocks bishops for acting like bishops is a disservice and insult to those who selflessly engage in Catholic volunteer efforts.  If you do so via email, send them the link to the youtube video above, and the links to the other articles, so that they can see for themselves just what they might inflict upon their guests should they not cancel his appearance.

Additionally, please spread word of this and ask your acquaintences to join us.

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  1. NOTtrucksnthistles says: Funny how pro-lifers who leave no one dead or wounded are called terrorists, though pro-choicers, with blood on their hands from decades of victims, are "compassionate". Mr. Matthews is just one of the inmates now running the asylum.


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