Sunday, June 13, 2010

Psycho-Babble at Franciscan Monastery

It seems that the Franciscan Monastery is allowing New Age "counselors" onto its grounds.  Click to get a full description of the Ursuline Counseling and Psychological Services.   You'll see the usual new age fads listed as psychological aids: Jungian analysis, "transformational breath work", and of course, reiki.  The bishops have released statements stating why reiki is unacceptable and even dangerous.

Nowhere will you see listed "Confession", "repentance", "Sacrament of reconciliation".  That's because they're well, you know...Catholic!   Horrors!  We can't have those on the monastery grounds now, can we??  Also notice that there are no men on this counseling team.  Don't you find that to be rather sexist?  Oh, wait!  I forgot!  Only white males can be sexist - and no one else!  Silly me!

Now perhaps there's an upside to all of this!  Maybe Chris Matthews can visit these lovely counselors and they can do some Jungian analysis and guide him through "transformational breath work" to help keep him from going catatonic, as he did during his abuse of Bishop Tobin.

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