Friday, June 4, 2010

Join Us As We Protest Sr Carol Keehan At Gonzaga Sun June 6!

Last week I discovered that Sister Carol Keehan was slated to give the commencement address at Gonzaga's commencement this Sunday June 6th.  I posted about that; re-read it here.  Many of us (including readers) have contacted the leadership of Gonzaga to advise them that her presence in a Catholic school, being given honor, is most incongruous.  Since they have chosen not to listen, we will have no choice but to be in front of St Aloysius Gonzaga church to bear witness to the truth.

The church itself is on the west side of North Capital Street.  We'll gather there about noon to inform the folks arriving of the true nature of what they will witness.  I've got to imagine that this address will be given from the pulpit.  Remember - two months ago, she used her bully pulpit to help ram through the Obamacare Health Deform bill.

Will you be there to speak for the truth?


  1. Good for you. This is how to make a real statement. Show up but remember to congratulate the boys on their accomplishment and let them know you care about their souls. Don't get tricked by Sister and the liberal jesuits.

  2. Fr. Novotny did resp0ond to myfirst communication. He explained that he and Sr. Carol were acquaintances. He holds her in high esteem and explains that Gonzaga is not making a statement about health care. Below is my follow-up e-mail. He did reply that he would communicate our pro-life concerns to Sr. Carol personally.

    Thank-You for your reply. You have my sincere condolences on the passing of your sister.
    I don't know if we've met, but I met many Jesuits at those lunches in the Jesuit residence.

    I personally hold the Jesuits and Gonzaga in the highest esteem. Three Jesuit men in particular have had a great influence in my life: Fr. Woodward, Fr Dooley and my godfather, Br. James Small of the Chicago Province.

    I did read the two links you sent. Sr. Carol's resume is quite impressive; she would be highly successful in or out of religious life. The article speaks of all the goodwill built up over the years by the sacrifices made by the dedication of these holy women, especially the Daughters of Charity and the Religious Sisters of Mercy. My own aunt, Sr. Marie Paulina, RSM, after many years as a teacher and principal, worked with poor patients and families at Mercy Hospital, Chicago. It was tough, full time work at a time in her life when others were taking retirement. So, yes, I have great reverence for the sacrifices of these ladies.

    However, we in the pro life community are saddened by the action of the CHA.

    I was a senior in college when the Jan 22, 1973 decision came down from the Supreme Court. I studied it thoroughly, noting even then the blatant violation of Aristotlean/Thomistic logic. Over the years the legal protection envelope for abortion has been stretched far beyond anything one could have imagined in 1973. Every positive step to limit these excesses has been overridden by successively more liberal courts.

    Now we have passed an overarching health care bill. The Bishops have, in my opinion, correctly seen through the smoke in this bill. The Hyde amendment is now dead. Federal funds will be used for abortion. We know that if the executive order signed by the President the next day had any teeth, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, etc. would have been outraged. But there was no outrage.

    The CHA had a brief shining moment where it could have stood forcefully with the bishops and demanded a health care bill that provided both increased access to health services for the poor and protected life at its earliest stages. I believe that the Pro Life Democrats would have stood strong with Sr. Carol and the Bishops. Sadly, that moment has come and gone.

    I will not demonize Sr. Carol or any of those who signed on to this bill. However, I speak for myself and many in the pro life movement when I say we feel betrayed. All those miles marched on Jan 22. All those hours praying the rosary outside abortion clinics. All those times at polite gatherings and parties where we simply had to summon up the courage to say that we are pro life.

    We know we are called to persist. We know our model is the Blessed Mother who maintained her faith despite witnessing her only Son's brutal execution. But there is still that sense of exasperation.

    Please convey my feelings to Sr. Carol.

    Please know that you, Sr. Carol, the Gonzaga seniors and the whole Gonzaga community are in my prayers.

    In Christ,
    Jack Priestley
    St. James Parish,
    Mount Rainier

    Best of luck on your witness this noon. I will not be able to attend. Let us know how all goes.


  3. All of you people need to shut the hell up and stay the fuck away from our school

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, as you read the comment that was submitted at 2:40pm today, realize that this poor boy is a product of Gonzaga's sterling education. As we ponder their choices of commencement speakers, is it any wonder that they turn out students with potty-mouths? Pray for this poor boy.

  5. He doesn't have a God-Damn potty-mouth. He is just pissed off that you people thought it would be nice to disrupt a harmless ceremony. Who cares what the lady believes, she's succesful and has done much to benefit communities around the world. So fuck off, and if you ever come anywhere near our campus again I will personally come and remove you from it. Except I won't be as polite as the people who "escorted" your graduation-crashers out of our church.

  6. How dare you try to belittle this person for speaking his mind. You try and make him sound like a child who can't think for himself. When in reality he is well educated enough to go to a very prestigous high school. This man is right though. Stay the fuck away. You wanted a reaction to your antics yesterday. Well you got them. All you have proved is that you are completely ignorant hypocrites, and that Gonzaga boys have more pride in themselves, their school, and their beliefs, then you will ever have in anything in you sad lonely little life.

  7. Why the fuck did you guys screw up our graduation? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but do you really think that bothering everyone as they walk into church is going to make a difference? You saw how everyone simply wanted you to leave, in person and in the video posted on Youtube. I quote, "You're ruining their day. Shut up." Seriously, find other ways to get your message across, ones that might actually make a difference, and ones that don't ruin the day that we've been working towards for the last 4 years.

  8. You go ahead and "pray" for me all you want, restore-dc-catholicism. Just for the love of God stay the fuck away from everyone else who doesn't want any of your bullshit.

    P.S. I'll be praying for you too...except that I'll be praying that Gonzaga (and the rest of the world for that matter) never has to deal with you ignorant, uncivilized, dumbass people ever again.

  9. I'm proud that a "Catholic" made fun of the Cardinal for tripping on the steps of the Church.

  10. I'm so ashamed that the protestors conducted themselves in such a self righteous and obnoxious fashion. I am 100% pro life and know full well what the jesuits at Gonzaga are up to...still this protest did more to harden hearts than to open them to the truth.

    As hard as it is to believe, these rebellious jesuits actually looked good next to the ladies screaming and disrupting.

    My Gosh, was there even 1 sign congratulating the boys, the innocent boys, who earned this day!!!

    Yes, I blame Fr. Novtony for this fiasco... he knew all it would bring, he heard loud and clear from the many alumni and yet he pridefully brought sister in knowing how to divide and polarize young men into thunderous applause. Meanwhile the pro abortion funding bill will go unnoticed until its too late!

    You pro life protestors better wise up next time and remember your humanity and humility. You got played big time!

  11. How embarrassing!June 7, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    LOL your protest failed so hard! You were dragged out of the church BY YOUR FACE, your delusional chants were drowned out by HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE BOOING YOU, and all you did was give everyone a good laugh at your expense. OH, and get your sorry asses arrested. If YOU represent "pro-life," then it's no wonder so many people are pro-choice! Seriously, you all are such a disgrace to Catholics everywhere, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Don't try and punish all the fine young men at Gonzaga for Sr. Keehan's IMAGINARY abortion support. Did you even read the bill that she signed? Not only does it state TWICE that it doesn't support abortions, but this was clarified in several speeches so that ignorant morons like you wouldn't embarrass yourselves the way you did. What would Jesus do? NOT THAT.


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