Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dark Days Ahead for Catholic University??

From Pewsitter and Catholic Culture, we read that John Garvey, dean of Boston College Law School, will succeed Father David O'Connell, who will become coadjuter bishop of Trenton.

In 2002, he wrote, "On several occasions I have heard people express concern that the Catholic identity of Boston College and the Law School will require a certain orthodoxy, or suppress unorthodox opinions, among its faculty and students. No school that regulates ideas can justly call itself a university. Indeed, it is precisely because we are committed to the search for truth in an atmosphere of academic freedom that the Law School can render a useful service to the Church and the cause of justice. It is natural that we should have a particular interest in the intersection of law and religion. (Though this is not our only focus.) But when people address that subject here they do not speak for (or against) the church hierarchy. They follow where their inquiries lead them."  So much for Ex Corde Ecclesiae.  This man parrots the heretical "Land O' Lakes Statement".

In 2007 he awarded an honorary degree to Rep Edward J. Markey, who sports a 100% "pro-choice" voting record.  He himself donated three times to John Kerry's campaigns.  He may be a college dean and soon-to-be president, but he has demonstrated that as far as Catholic morals goes, he has trouble distinguishing between apple butter and cow pie.

I understand that under Father O'Connell, things at CU had improved from what had been a rather abysmal state of affairs.  Alas, it appears that these improvements may well be undone.  Parents, think twice about paying tuition for your children to be under Garvey's tutelage.

Follow-up as of 6/21/2010
A reader sent to me the following link with additional information regarding Dr. Garvey.  This adds to our concerns.  http://bryanhehirexposed.wordpress.com/2010/06/16/new-catholic-university-president-what-no-one-is-reporting/

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