Monday, June 14, 2010

When Criticism Is a Badge of Honor

I received such a badge of honor today.  Although I'd be in my rights to do so, I decline at this time to reveal the author of this tome.  Otherwise, it is reproduced below in its entirety.

"As I do from time to time, I was looking that things religious on the Internet today and stumbled acorss your site. Goodness ... it grabbed my attention.

I am distressed that there appears to be so much hatred and intolerance among you. Where is the Love One Another? You treat other people like dirt with your snide comments and judgements. You are clearly not at peace with yourelves. You seem to think you have a lock on the true faith and use appeals to the magisterium only when it is convenient for you. Who are you to question another's faith? The Church has indeed let you down ... it has failed to successfully preach the Gospel of love to you. I will pray for your conversion."

So there it is.  I could pick this apart ad infinitim, but will only look at one part.  Notice how on one hand he says "we're not at peace with ourselves", but then asks "who are you to question another's faith?"  Do you see how he questions our spirituality, but then asks who are we to do what he is clearly doing?  Can we all say "double standard"?

Then there's the almost obligatory snffling about "intolerance".  Sometimes "intolerance" is a good thing.  We may not tolerate that which is injurious to the Faith and thus to our eternal salvation, for example.  Now if this person really wants to see "intolerance", he can watch Michael Voris!  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

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  1. Let us all pray for each other, not for "conversion" but through redemptive suffering, for the Truth. Pray that the Truth be sought, without fear of what indeed it is and always will be, without fear of the redemptive suffering to help bring us to understanding the Truth, and the joy that comes through that, from Him.


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