Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CCHD - "$300k to Oil Spill Areas" - But Why???

This is the word from the USCCB.  The entire press release is here.  At first glance, it looks just fine. 


Sometimes things require a closer look.  I will quote the paragraph describing projected fund usage.  The emphasis (bold) that you will see in the quotes are mine.  Here it is.

The groups who receive the grants will use the funds to provide a voice for the fishermen and communities affected by the spill, coordinate with communities and emergency responders to document the damage, as well as insist on work to restore the damaged wetlands.

Think about those bolded words.  Sounds like "business as usual", right?  Particularly the last one is telling.  Note that the funds aren't going towards the actual recovery efforts themselves, but they're going for lobbying!  Who will be lobbied?  The government!  And with what funds will the government be expected to repair the wetlands?  Hint - hold onto your wallet.  The money that you'll be asked to contribute in the next CCHD collection will be used to raise your tax dollars - and not too much of that (if any) will go to actual relief efforts.

Now what's with all this "documentation" and "voice"?  This is all busywork for "community organizers."  What the USCCB described as the purposes of this $300k seems not to encompass even one of the Corporal Works of Mercy.

The CCHD (and perhaps the entire USCCB) should be dismantled immediately, before more money is squandered to the detriment of the Church and this nation.


  1. I am not quite sure I understand. Insisting that BP restore the wetlands sounds like a good thing to me. Everything I have heard so far indicates that BP, not the government, will be paying for it. No?

  2. Audrey, my point has little to do with the debate about BP's responsibility in the disaster. When I give money to a Catholic charity, I expect that charity to use my donations for direct Works of Mercy. I don't expect my contribution dollars to be used to engage in debates of this nature.

    However, it has always been the modus operandi of the CCHD (and its various fund recipients) to engage and even to stir up such controversies and foment. They are merely following a chief maxim of their philosophical father, Saul Alinsky: "Never let a crisis be wasted."

    You are right in that BP will be paying for this mess, to the tune of $20 billion. That begs a question - just what "insisting" does CCHD have in mind?

  3. Thanks for the clarifidcation. that makes good sense. I am new to all of this ... blogs and such ... and I am still trying to get a sense of things. I've also been reading "an archdiocese of washington Catholic." i had no idea these things were out there!


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