Tuesday, June 22, 2010

US Bishops Complain About Us Bloggers

At a convention of the Catholic Media Association (not to be confused with the Catholic Media Coalition, of which we're a proud member), Bishop Gambino Zavala (auxiliary of Los Angeles and chair of the US Bishops' Communications Committee), had some things to say about Catholic media - and blogs such as this one in general.  His comments about us bloggers:

"For example, we are particularly concerned about blogs that engage in attacks and hurtful, judgmental language. We are very troubled by blogs and other elements of media that assume the role of Magisterium and judge others in the Church. Such actions shatter the communion of the Church that we hold so precious."

Your Eminences and Excellencies, we do not judge individuals, but each and every one of us - not just clergy - must look at objective actions to see if they are worthy of our respect and emulation.  Sadly, sirs, many of your actions are most unworthy of your miters.  When you turn blind eyes and deaf ears towards dissident, pro-abortion Catholics, we must cry out and bear witness to the truth, painful to you as it must, and need be. 

Two weeks ago, we were treated to the ghastly spectacle of Sister Carol Keehan being honored at Gonzaga High School, who walked out of there arm-in-arm with Cardinal McCarrick.  Five years ago in Florida, Michael Schiavo murdered his wife Terri Schiavo, with practical carte blanche approval of the local bishop, Robert Lynch.  That is to say that not only do you look the other way when prominent Catholics misbehave, but often you'll give the dissidents aid and comfort in so doing, precisely because you want to glom onto their weatlh and influence.

As long as dissidents are honored, as long as Catholic liturgies are bastardized into monstrosities, we will speak out to prevent, as much as possible, others being led astray and possibly to their eternal damnations.  You cry and moan and complain that we "assume the role of Magisterium".  Sirs, we desperately wish that you would resume that role.  Forget the fundraising and the toadying up to the powerful of this world.  Your vestments are red to symbolize that you will accept persecution from the world, not honor and comfort.

Bishop Zavala, I mentioned "liturgies being bastardized into monstrosities".  At the 2010 Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles, you presided over such a circus, the closing liturgy.  So that all may see the entire debacle, I link now to the youtube page.  In the first clip there are liturgical dancers, deacons going up with their wives, the deacon carrying the lectionary prancing and boogeying up the aisle, screeching guitars.  I suggest that all watch for themselves.  They, like us, will come to the sad conclusion that the work of the faithful Catholic bloggers is still cut out for us.

Your Eminences and Your Excellencies, instead of shooting us the poor messengers, please pay attention to what we have to say.  I for one suggest that you scuttle the corrupting atmosphere of the entity called the "United States Conference of Catholic Bishops".  The Holy Father rightly pointed out that it has no canonical authority and quite frankly, it is infested with progressive operatives (mostly laity) who seek to use the mantle of the Church solely to further their own agendas.  There are some among you who are taking up the Shepherd's rod, as the Holy Father urged.  I think you know who they are.  Follow their example.

Michael Voris sums up our case nicely.

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