Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Being Nice" - The Opposite Of True Virtue

I've touched on this before, but the word "nice" is not found in the Bible.  Listen to Michael Voris describe why the desire to be "nice" may actually facilitate the eternal damnation of souls. (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

Some of us have been accused of "not being nice" when we show the true nature of abortion.  Some of us have been accused of "not being nice" when we publicly rebuke those facilitating evil.   To be clear, we do not engage in ad hominem attacks nor do we suggest or similate violence on anyone.  We will, however, warn those who promote and facilitate baby murder that they jeopardize their immortal souls.  What close friend of an individual wouldn't sound the alarm if that person were engaged in destructive behavior?  We've no less duty to do so. (See the post a day ago regarding Father Rodriguez's example). 

So let's stop trying to be nice and practice real charity!


  1. You engage in ad hominem attacks regularly. In the last month, you have attacked the President ("Messiah Most Miserable") the Speaker of the House ("pope Pelosi"), Andy Stern ("SEIU-Thug Chieftan" [sic]), and John Dewey (citing his involvement in humanism as part of the downfall in modern education).

  2. My remarks regarding the four individuals are based on their beliefs and their behaviors. I'll briefly recap what I've written in earlier posts:
    1) Obama - He himself stated in his nomination acceptance speech that his nomination was "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." That sort of talk sounds pretty "messianic" to me!
    Here's a link to the text of the address
    Of course, all you need do is realize that he has placed unborn children, infirm people, etc in more precarious positions and you too
    will admit that he is spreading misery - at least to them!
    2) Pelosi - I've posted videos where she's yammered on about the "word" and yet won't admit that the unborn Jesus was a person. She defies the Church on key teachings of life and
    morality, then almost orders them to tow her line about immigration policy. In light of her arrogant attempts to rewrite the Faith according to her own peculiar proclivities, it's fair to claim that she has become a "pope" unto herself.
    3) Stern - Thug is as thug does. Did you see the video of the SEIU and other loosers, 500 of them, charge all over that bank executive's lawn? Actually, that behavior might be more
    akin to terrorism, but I'll leave it as thuggery for now. None of the SEIU leadership, Stern included, denounced it or offered any kind of apology to that family. I can only
    conclude that the SEIU top brass approve that action. Hence they all are "thug-chieftans".
    4) Dewey - Look at the entire "American humanist" website. You'll see their philosophies in the curricula of the public
    schools. You'll see the kids coming out espousing the sexual attitudes embraced on the website. They can't read nor write, but they have "self-esteem" as they learn to put condoms on vegetables.

    On this blog, these folks have earned their nicknames because of their behaviors - it's that simple.

  3. "Ad hominem: based on or appealing to emotion rather than reason"

    Your offensive nicknames, while one can argue they are earned, are ad hominem attacks. However, just because some people have "earned their nicknames," it does not mean that you do not engage in ad hominem attacks. When you post about these people's actions, you veer off course from discussing what they have done in order to attack their character and appeal to the emotions of those who do not like the individual.

  4. Michael, you're making a rather brash assumption by implying that I'm trying to appeal to emotion rather than reason. You're simply wrong; I know my intentions, you don't. Whether you chose to believe me or not (and either way, it matters not to me), I am trying to elict thought rather than emotion. It does often happen, however, that appeal to emotion coincides with appeal to reason. Such does not render the appeal "ad hominem". Nice try, though! ;-)

  5. the road to hell is paved with good intentions I am with Michael--you regularly go ad hominem i don't think there is anything wrong with that by the way, you just should be honest about it

  6. Patrick et al, you have your opinion, and that's fine. Let me say this - if you or anyone finds their emotions rather than reason impacted by these postings, that's your issue, not mine.

  7. frankly after reading your website and blog, I don't find you capable of reasonable, i.e. rational, impact. now, by some standards that would be ad hominem, but if you feel differently, that is your issue not mine

  8. Patrick, that is your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it. I realized at the onset that you didn't see "eye-to-eye" with the contents of this blog. Have a nice day! :-D


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