Thursday, August 19, 2010

Planned Parenthood And The Ku Klux Klan

Here she is!  Margaret Sanger!  Foundress of Planned Parenthood!

Notice how they're saluting her?   Can we all say "Sieg heil"?  She and the Ku Klux Klan both saw non-whites as being "inferior" and even "sub-human".  As we all know, the German Nazis justified their butchery of Jewish peoples (and other "non-aryans") by holding them to be less than human.  I urge you to read this article by Angela Franks on "The Eugenics Connection".  Additionally, if you haven't already done so, please procure a copy of the documentary Maafa 21 and watch it several times to get a picture of how these nefarious movements inflicted abortion upon society today.

Now below is a video from American Life League's Michael Hichborn detailing how pro-abortion proponents and other murder-minded entities try to dehumanize their victims in the eyes of society at large in order to facilitate their extermination.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).


  1. Okay. First, FETUS is a scientific term. End of story. Second, NOBODY is an advocate for abortion. The word "pro-abortion" is propaganda that everybody sees through (as long as they don't work at FOX News). Sorry to crash the party, but the Democrats are advocates for rape victims, single moms, and, oh yeah, everyone who's already born. Third, I don't condone abortion either, and I think it's a stupid birth control method. I'd personally rather wear five condoms than have my girl go through an abortion, and I really don't like second-tri abortions, because three months is a long time to decide. But really. You're a small part of America trying to mandate your unique values on everybody.

  2. Hi again. I didn't watch the whole video before I posted, so another thing. HOW THE HELL is abortion an attempt at big money? The average doctor makes 3.5 times as much for a delivery as for a SECOND-TRI abortion. So if all that money is the Democrats' only agenda, why haven't they teamed up with you people to ban abortion and get four times as much money?

  3. Shane, why so testy? Is your conscience that much stung by the truth? "Fetus is scientific term, end of story". Sez who? You? You're wrong. You're simply doing what Hichborn spoke of, that is, dehumanizing the tiny unborn person. As far as propaganda, it's the word "pro-choice" that's the true misleading term - as admitted by NARAL founder Bernard Nathenson, who helped coin the term.

    "Imposing my unique values"? Well, we're trying to keep the pro-abortion crowd from imposing your values on the babies, as such imposition is literally murderous and barbarian.

    And yes, abortionists do make big money. I've seen some of their mansions in our wealthier areas. This truth bothers you only because you won't embrace it. Wise up, my friend.


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