Saturday, August 21, 2010

When Consciences Are Pricked...

Over our years of front-line activism, we have identified 5 distinct purposes that are served by such activism.  They are:
  1. We offer prayer, intercession and acts of reparation for the terrible sins of murder that are being committed just a few feet from us.
  2. We offer assistance and information to the abortion-bound women approaching the mills, to save their babies' lives, and the women themselves from the devastation and harmful effects of abortion.
  3. We offer to the babies who will be butchered the only love and dignity that they will receive in their all-too-short lives.
  4. We rebuke those involved in the sin of abortion: the mothers who are hard-hearted (as opposed to those being coerced), the boyfriend/husband/parent of the woman who may be coercing her to have the abortion, the doctors/nurses who commit the crime, the office personnel, pro-death "escorts", complacent and complicit neighbors, etc.
  5. We educate the surrounding community of the terrible evil occurring in their midst.  Many neighbors are genuinely unaware of the presence of these murder centers.  That is not too surprising, as the abortionists do try to operate "under the radar" with low profiles.
It goes without saying that we can expect to be subjected to hate and vitriol, as our very presence will sting the consciences of those who espouse pro-abortion mindsets - and who may have had personal involvement with abortion themselves.  Such stinging of consciences has happened all throughout salvation history as God confronts evil.  Many of the Old Testament prophets were murdered.  Our Lord Himself was crucified.  Christian history is replete with tales of martyrdom (the word "martyr" is Greek for "witness"). 

Therefore we are not surprised when manifestations of stung consciences happen in our apostolate.  It happened several times today, and I'll relate one instance via video.  I had stepped away to my car to retrieve something.  As I was returning, I saw the following confrontation that was already underway.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

As I was some distance away, only some of the man's rant is audible.  However, you can hear him accuse the pro-life lady of terrorism.  Comtemplate the irony of this.  A younger man is shouting and screaming at an older lady who is sitting on a stool.  He is towering over her, bellowing in her face, bullying her - and he is accusing her of "terrorism"?  It's quite the other way around.  However, this shows you how pro-aborts and other progressives are trying to distort the English language.  They are defining "terrorism" as anything that confronts their warped, atheistic world-view.

We see this in Nancy Pelosi's attitude towards us who oppose the Ground Zero Mosque.  She wants to investigate our "funding", which in many cases is non-existent, as opposed to investigating the funding of the mosque proponents.  Now really - what takes real money?  Voicing opposition, or actually building the thing?  Where's common sense in all of this?  Do we see the linguistic flim-flam here?  We who disagree are "terrorists" that need to be "investigated", but the mosque proponents, some with Hamas connections, get a free pass.

Ladies and gentlemen, if we don't use our First Amendment rights in a concerted, pro-active fashion, we will see them snatched away from us by the so-called "progressive elites".


  1. One time when I was picketing an abortion mill all by myself, two young men came out of a fast food restaurant across the street. They immediately began pelting me with snowballs (most missed). I called over, "Ever hear of free speech?" All I could think was, what a couple of big brave men throwing snowballs at a middle aged woman who is defending the babies they'd rather see dead. Ironic, isn't it? Pro-abortion men are bullies who are big and brave when it comes to paying to have little tiny infants cut to pieces. God help them on judgment day.

  2. I get the feeling that people who react like this guy did have a guilty conscience. So they lash out as though the prolifer is pointing a finger at them personally. If they would just engage in a calm fashion, they would find out that pro-lifers are just trying to help other abortion minded men and women to avoid that same pain and guilt by choosing life for their babies.

  3. In my limited experience, is typical of pro-abortion activists to be either uncommunicative or foul-mouthed. When one does not have a defensible case, what else can one do? Of course one cannot exclude the possibility of demonic influences.
    God bless your efforts.


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