Tuesday, August 10, 2010

With This Vortex, I Take Exception

It isn't often when I disagree with Michael Voris, but on this occasion, I have to raise a "sed contra".  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

"The hellish, downward spiral is simply irretrievable", opines Voris.  That's his opinion, but we need not take this as fact indelibly written in stone.  In fact, I opine that this statement may well fly in the face of the virtue of hope.

Recall what Pope John Paul II said at the Denver Youth Conference in 1993.  He told his audience, and us, "Woe to you if you do not stop abortion!"  Notice that he did not say, "...if you do not put up a heroic fight if ony to defend the faith."  No, the Holy Father clearly laid upon us all the onus for clear, unmistakable, measurable SUCCESS in turning this current morass into the Culture of Life.  Regretably, Voris is creating yet another "escape clause" for lack of success. (The other is the constant bastardization, the popular misquote of Mother Teresa's "we're called to be faithful not successful" statement, but that is its own rant.).  Consder also that if the Holy Father didn't think success was possible, he wouldn't have said what he said.

As I heard this, I thought of Moses leading the Israelites into Canaan.  As they approached Canaan, Moses sent twelve scouts ahead to assess the situation and the prospect for conquest of the Promised Land.  Ten of the scouts said "it couldn't be done, the enemy is too big, etc, etc".  Two of the scouts, Joshua and Caleb, understood that they were the Chosen People, and more importantly, that their God could overcome all the odds.  They were right.  Joshua went on to lead the people after Moses' death and Caleb was an anscestor of Jesus.  The Israelites had a struggle, to say the least, but as they were faithful, the Lord walked with them.

Shall we be as the ten scouts, and accept this sanctimonious fatalism, or shall we grow some backbone and be as Joshua and Caleb?  Let's do the latter and get in the fight!

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