Wednesday, August 4, 2010

California Judge Overturns Prop 8

From the Left Coast, we learn that Judge Vaughn Walker, in an all-too-typical display of judicial arrogance, has disregarded the common sense of the citizens of California and overturned Prop 8.  The American Papist gives us some snippets of  Walker's ruling; I invite you to read them.  You will be appalled by their utter lack of common sense; then again, maybe you won't.

Oh, by-the-by!  It seems that Judge Walker himself is gay (from Pewsitter).  But that's no big deal - right?  Well, that's what Kate Kendell, head of the Natioinal Center for Lesbian Rights, assures us.  Of course we can trust the head of a gay advocacy group to give us the straight unbiased scoop...stop that snickering this instant!

This may go all the way to the US Supreme Court.  Stay tuned.  California citizens, do your state laws provide for impeachment of judges?


  1. Walker is a federal judge -- appointed by George HW Bush, for what it's worth. So impeachment would have to start in the US House of Representatives (you know, the one with San Fran Nan as the speaker).

  2. I don't believe they do..(being in Ca),..This judge should of had the decency to take himself off the case since he had an interest in this descision. It doesn't surprise me coming from the 9th court, the most liberal in the country


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