Thursday, August 26, 2010

Climate Change - More Sinister Than A Mere Hoax

Real Catholic TV has released its fourth episode of "Catholic Investigative Agency".  In this installment, they go into detail about the true nefarious nature of the "climate change movement".  Voris explains that the organizations promoting this belief fall into three categories:
  1. Those promoting population control
  2. Those promoting world governance
  3. Those promoting earth worship
He explains why the "climate change" mindset has its roots in the eugenics movement.  By the way - if you haven't done so already, please purchase and watch Maafa 21.  Both this movie and this CIA episode reveal that eugenics originated in the U.S., and that Adolf Hitler was inspired by what he saw here.

The episode can be found here.  I urge you to watch it in its entirety.  Towards the end, Voris describes how the USCCB is being hoodwinked into promoting this dangerous mindset.  Some examples of their naivte include their "Catholic Coalition on Climate Change" and "Catholic Climate Covenant" (remember the lenten carbon fast?)  Granted, this clip is long, but if we are going to fulfill Our Lord's commission to bring about a Culture of Life, we must understand the current "lay of the land", and we must be willing to invest the time needed to gain that understanding.  In this clip, Voris makes mention of supporting documentation, which can be found here.  That too is worth examination.

These are issues that deserve close consideration as we all approach the November 2010 elections.

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