Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catholic Charities Centennial Gathering - Dissent Fest Par Excellance!

On the back page of the August 19th issue of the Catholic Standard is a full-page advertisement for the Catholic Charities Centennial Gathering.

On the Board of Trustees of Catholic Charities is - wait for it! - Sister Carol Keehan.  Yes - the same who used her position as President of the Catholic Health Association to help shove through the Obama Hell Bill.  We know what that will do to the unborn babies, the elderly and infirm, and that is the very antithesis of true Catholic charity.  So why, oh why, is she retained on that board?

During the event, they will award something called the Centennial Medal to several recipients.  Some of these are:
  • Catholic Health Association - in other words, Sister Carol Keehan
  • Sister Maureen Joyce - I hope they plan a posthumous award, as the lady died three months ago.  The blurb in the CC webpage doesn't mention this. 
  • Cardinal McCarrick - Many of us have said this before, but it obviously needs more repetition.  The bestowal of Holy Communion upon flagrant pro-abortion politicians is the opposite of true charity.  Not only does the politician incur the guilt of yet another mortal sin, that of sacriligeous Holy Communion, but by formally and materially cooperating in that sin, the minister of that Holy Communion may incur guilt of mortal sin himself.
Let's look at some speakers and guests.  We have:
The political donation data was found on  While the great majority of people associated with the gala had no recorded donations, I did not see one donation to Republicans.

This meeting will occur at the Hilton Washington, located at 1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington DC  20009.  This is in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.  It's from Saturday September 25th till Tuesday September 28th.  Here is a detailed schedule.

This is typical fare for organizations such as this.  As we just learned of this, we don't know yet how we'll make our voices heard.  I did want to advise all of this event, and the problems incumbent with it.  Stay tuned.


  1. While a majority of Republicans are pro-life, there are some pro-abortion Republicans, and while a majority of Democrats are pro-abortion, there are a number of pro-life Democrats who routinely vote to protect the unborn. I can't defend those who gave to Obama's campaign, but with regards to Andrea Levere, her donation to a Democratic PAC does not mean that she is pro-abortion.

    The Democratic Party is flawed, mainly because of its support of abortion and gay marriage, but the Republican party certainly is not perfect. The GOP supports the death penalty, which John Paul II said is not to be used except in cases of absolute necessity (That term is rather vague, and he never clarified circumstances in which the death penalty would be permissible.) In the years that George W. Bush was governor, over 100 executions occurred in Texas, so if he were to be invited to a Catholic event, I'm sure your blog would protest his appearance.

  2. Is not the President of Catholic Charities on Obama's "Faith Based" board (you know, the one to undermine religion in America?)

  3. To anonymous of 10:30, I don't know the answer to that question, but I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the answer was in the affirmative. For the record, I disagreed (still do) with Bush's idea of the "faith-based initiave" as it was patently unconstitutional and would lead to situations that you describe.

  4. capitalism is a heresy !!

  5. Anonymous of 11-12, you've had a busy day commenting, as you commented on the RINO post, too (yes, we bloggers can tell these things). What does capitalism have to do with abortion enablers being honored at Catholic functions?


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